AJ Fernandez San Lotano Connecticut Toro 6×52 ?>

AJ Fernandez San Lotano Connecticut Toro 6×52

The AJ Fernandez San Lotano Connecticut was really my FIRST cigar. I had experienced cigars before, but I couldn’t tell you what they were or how they tasted. My brother had sent me a Connecticut sampler from Thompson Cigars and I smokes a couple of them, but couldn’t fathom finishing the whole bundle. It was just too many of nondescript sticks that I couldn’t smoke fast enough before they dried up, not having a humidor to keep them for any length of time.

That started this run. Finally after naively storing the cigars in a plastic food tub with a damp sponge and going away for a month, I came home to several soggy cigars that I immediately had to toss out.

I wandered into my local shop, The Tinder Box, and asked about some milder smokes to start me off on a test run and came out with the AJ Fernandez San Lotano Connecticut. Nice mild smoke and even enough flavor to make it enjoyable. This became my first go to cigar before I started to wonder what else was out there for adventurer to explore.

I still like the AJ Fernandez San Lotano Connecticut Toro and the shorter lengths even better. When I get cornered into smoking a longer cigar like a Toro or a Churchill, I get the sweats.

I know. I can snuff it out and save it for later in the day.

But it’s lots more satisfying to take it to the nub when it’s that enjoyable. This AJ Fernandez San Lotano Connecticut cigar is a pleasure.

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