Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro 5×50 ?>

Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro 5×50

Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro

Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro
Getting down to the nub of the Padron 2000.

The Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro goes slightly against my favorite requirements for picks. First it’s a maduro with a full flavor smoke body. It’s a 50-ring size, which is okay but getting small-er, and it is a Padron which says “expensive,” but this one is not so much.

Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro
Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro

So where does the Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro fit in?

First, although rated as a “full” flavor cigar, it is very flavorful and not harsh at all.

The draw of the Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro is very easy and the smoke thick. It fits nicely in my hand and feels right.

It does smoke a little hotter than my other picks, but the thing feels so well made and draws so well that I just love lingering over it and taking my time with anticipation of the next drag. This is a pleasant 35-40 minute smoke for me.

I have only tried this Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro and the Padron 3000 which is part of the same line of these tobaccos, so aside from the size of the cigar, there seem to be a well tuned blend of tobaccos in these babies coming out of the factory.

I screened a Youtube video of the Padron manufacturing plants that looked very professional and very no-nonsense in their approach to making a great cigar, so I could see how they were making good sticks with a lot of discipline to the quality of their product. Having tried the Padron 2000 Robusto Maduro before I saw the vid, it only substantiated my impression that the one in my hand came from a long line of quality smokes.

So, I ordered a few more and will stash them in my Tupperdor when they arrive. I am looking forward to lighting another Padron 2000 before too long and figure if it doesn’t fit my idea of the perfect cigar, it comes close enough to enjoy over and over and over.

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