Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita 4.5×52 ?>

Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita 4.5×52

I thought the Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita was the perfect cigar. After tasting a few more, I had to think again. I like the Punch Gran Puro a lot. It is a medium to full smoke with a lot of flavor and some spice in there as well.

I had been trying some cigars for a short while with lots of breaks in between and then I tried the Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita.

It is a quality smoke, smooth draw and on a warm afternoon, it is perfect for an outdoor breather. The cigar smokes cool and is a good size to hold onto for my hands. The flavor has somewhat a mix of pepper and earthy tones that taste very good. I prefer the ring size of this cigar to the Punch Gran Puro Rancho which is the fatter, 54 ring size big brother to the Santa Rita.

Yesterday I smoked a ‘Rita and found a little inconsistency in the line. This one had a tight draw, so I wondered what the QC is on cigars. Handmades being just that – “hand made,” must have lots of variation so it may be a numbers game to determine how consistent a line of cigars is. Also I imagine, the supplier may have something to do with how well a cigar is stored and how long it’s stored before it gets into a customer’s hand (mouth).

In any case, try one of these. It is a very good smoke and the flavorful blend of ingredients leaves a rich satisfying taste. Punch, as always makes a premium, well constructed stick.


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