Punch Grand Cru Natural Robusto 5.25×50 ?>

Punch Grand Cru Natural Robusto 5.25×50

I’d smoked a few other Punch cigars before I came to the Punch Grand Cru Natural Robusto. I thought I’d found my favorite in the Gran Puro Santa Rita and then I found these.

First, it falls into my ideal handling size.

The 50-ring size of the Punch Grand Cru Natural Robusto is easy to hold for my size hands, and easy to bite or puff without dislocating my jaw at the same time.

I’d lit a few Santa Rita’s in my experience and liked the slightly spicy and medium to full flavor, but this one, the Grand Cru, was just a little more mellow and still full of the Punch flavor that I enjoy and with an easy draw, made the whole experience that much more satisfying.

I took my time with this one and on a beautiful day in a Southern California spring, it was a great way to spend 35 minutes out in the air. The stick feels light in the hand and the ash hangs in there, seemingly, as long as I like. I started to think about smoking the peace pipe with the natives and what that whole ‘thing’ was. We certainly could have broken a few arrows sharing some of these gems.

I smoked this robusto almost down to the cap and it still didn’t heat up. It was a smooth and satisfying smoke to the end. Just a little pricier than the Santa Rita and a bit more mellow, this was becoming one of my favorite smokes.

I ordered a five-pack of the Punch Grand Cru Natural Robustos from Cigars International and they arrived today. Oh boy. I’m going to wait a few days and try one of these again.

Do I have any fellow takers on this one? Let me know if you have a favorite that I might like.

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