Quorum Classic Robusto 4.75×50 ?>

Quorum Classic Robusto 4.75×50

I shopped this from a large wine and cigar chain that is very popular in my area and chose it because I wanted to find an economy smoke that I could enjoy in between my pricier cigars. This priced out at around $2.50 per smoke, which is a little more than another brand I tried and liked, so I thought maybe this would add some variety to my cheaper ‘gars.

I bought two.

Nope. This was not average, simple or nondescript. I found the smoke sharp tasting and a little hard to draw. It almost immediately hit my throat with some coarse sensations and I had to put it down after two or three draws – maybe two.

I was suddenly hit with the notion that ‘life was too short to waste it on a cheap cigar, just ’cause it’s cheap.’

I was suddenly hit with the notion that life was too short to waste it on a cheap cigar, just ’cause it’s cheap. Louise read my mind and mentioned the same idea. The concept of quantity over quality didn’t justify me feeling bad over saving $2 on a cigar. That, and the fact that I found another brand that perfectly satisfied my sense of economy and taste at the same time, made me think that there must be a lot of crappy cigars around that pass for a smoke when some others fill the bill as a go between “day” smoke, IF YOU FIND THE RIGHT ONES.

I may light up that second Quorum Classic Robusto that I bought one day and see if I was just being cranky the day during that first smoke, but I’ll wait a long time after tasting a number of other tobaccos before I give it a try.

What am I missing? Weigh in if you have a thought.

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