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A Cigar presents a few stories about smoking, cigars and experiences that add flavor to your ride.

Cohiba Habana Robusto Counterfeits 4.9×48, Venice, CA ?>

Cohiba Habana Robusto Counterfeits 4.9×48, Venice, CA

A Cigar – Cohiba Habana Robusto Counterfeits on an afternoon in Venice, CA Louise and I ran the two-hour drive to Venice for a Sunday birthday party. Christopher and Elaine, Louise’s niece and her husband, were throwing a birthday party on the front lawn of their house and their baby Lydia got passed from lap to lap. It was Enda King’s birthday and we were invited. What turned out to be a beautiful day of beachy weather became the perfect…

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Quorum Classic Robusto 4.75×50 ?>

Quorum Classic Robusto 4.75×50

I shopped this from a large wine and cigar chain that is very popular in my area and chose it because I wanted to find an economy smoke that I could enjoy in between my pricier cigars. This priced out at around $2.50 per smoke, which is a little more than another brand I tried and liked, so I thought maybe this would add some variety to my cheaper ‘gars. I bought two. Nope. This was not average, simple or…

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